Worry Less, Live More

Worry Less, Live More

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Best Part of My Day!

When I hear happy "singing" coming through the baby monitor in the morning I know my sweet little man is up and my sweet dreams are now over. Although I know it will be constant going and going... at least until nap time... it's still the best part of my day.

With a kid this cute, how could it NOT be!?
Here are some of my favorite moments with Collin.

Bath time!
Collin's new bath-time trick is to throw all the foam letters out of the bathtub before you can put them back in. I love how excited he gets when he hears the bath water running. I think he likes bath time so much because it's the only time I let him go completely naked. That boy does everything he can to get away from me before I can put a diaper back on him and grunts his disapproval when I finally catch him. I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to do once he learns to undress himself...

I also love watching him play with his best friend Gromit. Sometimes he crawls into his room and tries to get Gromit from his crib by pulling him through the bars. When I finally lift Gromit out and give it to him he starts bouncing up and down and attacks Gromit with kisses. He then lugs Gromit around the house my dragging him by the ear. (as you can see in the picture above)

And of course the day I found him in his room surrounded by books I was the proudest parent! It's sure proof that he's a Boyd :)

Collin LOVES Baby Einsteins movies too. He sits there for the entire 30 minutes just watching. And of course I take full advantage of our cuddle time :)

Dinner time for us is often dinner and a show. Collin LOVES food and is often impatient when he doesn't get it right away. It cracks us up watching him shove the food in his mouth as fast as he can and grunt for more even before he swallows.

I also love watching him interact with other babies. He just loves them! Usually they are trying to get away from him as fast as they can because the kid has no sense of personal boundaries and can be quite smothering. We like to stick him in front of the mirror so he can see his reflection. He gets so excited and tries to touch the baby. Just today I showed him his reflection and said "Say hi to baby Collin." And he started laughing and waving. I just can't get enough of him!

All Boys love Balls, Bears and Bubbles!

Bears say ROAR!

Collin loves to climb and wrestle with his huge bear "Uncle" Norm gave him.

Every time he spots a camera he smiles and strikes a pose. Learning a little young I think.

He gets so excited for bubbles!

But his favorite toy is his ball. He will play with that thing all day. He loves to throw it and then crawl after it. It's only gotten him into a few tight spots. (literally) Like the time I was doing laundry and was letting him play with the ball at my feet. He threw it between the washer and dryer and then went to try and get it. The space between the two is only a foot wide if even that. He got through it though, but the problem came when he tried to get himself out. He had no room to turn around and I guess he hasn't figured out how to reverse yet.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hey Mom, Look What I Can Do!

Today I was washing the dishes and loading them into the dishwasher to dry when I happened to look down. I couldn't believe what I saw!
Somehow, without making any noise, the cautious boy who whimpers when we so much as try to get him to pull himself up into a standing position, was now sitting on my dishwasher lid!
I placed him safely back on the floor only to watch open mouthed as he immediately used the lid to stand up and then crawl onto it again.
Apparently Collin only does things when HE'S ready. And then does them a little too well. :)