Worry Less, Live More

Worry Less, Live More

Saturday, June 29, 2013

 Happy Birthday Daddy!

We celebrated Michael's birthday June 13th. Collin helped me make cookies and a Birthday sign and we surprised him at work.

 Collin's biggest thing was that he wanted to yell "surprise!" to his daddy. I tried to get Michael to come to the back room so Collin could do it discreetly, but Collin ran to the front of the store, found Michael and yelled, "Surprise!" before I could stop him. Thankfully the store wasn't too crowded. It was pretty cute :)

A Little Brotherly Love

 I love how Collin is always looking out for his little brother and wanting to include him in everything he does. And I love how Tate's eyes light up when he see's Collin.
 I'm crossing fingers and toes hoping that they will always be good friends.
 (btw, isn't that one awesome track? It's the first one I've constructed! Collin found several flaws with it though and didn't hesitate to point them out to me. He then said, "Daddy fix it". Apparently, daddy is the master builder and no one else can compare)

Water Bugs

 While my family was here we did a lot of swimming. Collin was in heaven, and Tate...

 ...we'll let you be the judge :)

 We took my grandma out to lunch for her birthday. Cousin Angie was eating an ice-cream cone when all of a sudden Tate grabbed her hand and shoved the ice-cream to his face. I don't think Angie got a lick after that :)

Grandma with one of her daughters, Patti, 5 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.
And look who decided to dress up for the occasion! Who wears camo to a birthday lunch? In my defense, Collin had given me a hard time that morning and we were running late. I know I changed into jeans but I guess I got distracted and forgot to change my shirt! Thanks Collin! 
(at least I did remember my pants. That's the important thing)

Our Little Bill and Little Lonnie
(That's my dad and Michael's dad.) Apparently we don't make children that look anything like us, they have to look like our father's instead. Go figure.
But they're both still super adorable to us!

 And Collin got a few early birthday presents form my family while they were visiting. This huge airplane being one of them. He's not spoiled at all!
He's turning 3 in 3 days!!!

Do Your Worst!

Can you say blackmail?

When Collin's 2 yr. old emotions get the best of him and I feel like I'll never survive the day, I try to remember little gems like this.

So, do your worst Collin. I'm building up my arsenal of pictures to be used at a future date :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Man Who Restores Balance to my Crazy!

This Father's Day post is almost a month late but we had a LOT going on around that time. We love our daddy all year long though so technically we're still celebrating :)

There is hardly a day that goes by that I don't thank Heavenly Father for all the wonderful men in my life. 

I have THE best dad. He spoils me rotten and is always there when I need him. I know the security and love he showed me growing up, has played a big part in the way my life has turned out. He taught me what a real man is and how a husband and father should act. So when I started thinking about marriage, I started looking for someone who possessed the same qualities. I knew if I could find someone as good as my dad, I'd be happy. And I am! 
Thanks dad, for setting the bar so high :)
He's also the main reason I received my personal progress in Young Woman's. I will always have a special place in my heart for my daddy.

I am also blessed to have an amazing father in law. From the very first day Michael and I started dating I have always felt like a part of their family. My father in law's dedication to God and family has always been an example and source of strength to me. (not to mention his never ending energy to serve and his never ending energy to keep up with Collin)

 And then there's this man! The man who balances out all my CRAZY :)
He's only been my friend for 6 short years, but those years have been the best years of my life! 
 He's everything my 13 year old self dreamed up in a future husband. He's a great father to our boys and a wonderful husband to me. I am always in awe at his selflessness and a bit envious of his quiet, calm nature. I will be forever grateful to his mother, not only for raising such a sweet and caring son, but for insisting he keep piano lessons up. (since it was his musical talent that hooked me after all ) And I will always be grateful to Michael for the patience and love he continually shows me. Especially during the times I am not at my best. 
Now if I could just find a way to change his amazing sleep ability (the ability to fall asleep 30 seconds after laying down and the ability to sleep through crying babies)
 I would have the PERFECT husband! :)