Worry Less, Live More

Worry Less, Live More

Saturday, March 30, 2013

And Just Where Have You Been?

Where have we been all month? 
I really don't have any good excuse as to why I haven't posted in FOREVER.
 Don't worry though, you're about to get a overload of posts in the next few days :)

 My "second parents" the Brinkle's happened to be in Florida last month and stopped by for a visit. Collin and Tate both took to them very quickly. I'm so glad they stopped by to see us. I really really enjoyed their visit. It made me realize how much I miss this family.
We LOVE us some Brinkle's!!!

Collin has been conducting several science experiments. 
The first were these Magic Bubbles!
I found the directions on how to make them here
Just dish soap and water!
These were so awesome! We had so much fun blowing and playing with these.

 Did I mention how huge they got???

Know what happened in these next two pictures? 
Tasty :)

 We also worked on mixing colors. I let him do this all on his own. His face was priceless when he mixed the two colors together and made orange. It was like magic! (unfortunately I didn't catch it)

I caught Collin and Tate sharing a private joke. I was standing right there, but I never could figure out what was so funny. Probably some joke at my expense :)
 Michael and Collin reading bedtime stories under his blanket.
There's nothing sexier.....I mean more attractive (my mom reads this blog so better keep it clean) than a man who plays with his children.
 See what I mean!?

 Oh yeah, Collin got a buzz. I think I was more traumatized than he was. I made one too many mistakes when cutting his hair which forced us to take drastic measures. I was so sad. Thank goodness hair grows back. And he still looks cute in my opinion.

 And to end our blog post, I leave you with this picture.
I went to get Collin up one morning and walked in to find this. I started getting scared until I saw a little hand. Who sleeps like that? Well, besides Collin.