Worry Less, Live More

Worry Less, Live More

Friday, February 28, 2014

Things That Make Me Smile

What are things that make me smile???

The fact that Tate seems to be a perfect mesh of Michael and me,

Collin's goofy personality and the way he dresses for a 80 degree school day. 
Snow boots all the way!
And the deep concentration Tate has when we play connect 4. 
My heart is pretty happy :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

One Picture

I can't believe how lucky I am to have this man as my husband. 
He is the most patient, loving and selfless person I know.
Not only that, but he has dimples when he smiles that drive me crazy!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What's Love Got to Do With It?

Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast, crazy straws for lunch, heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphey's for dinner and a few episodes of Chuck, are my idea of a perfect Valentines day :)

My mom sent the boys their own Valentines treat and I was given specific instructions to make sure there was a candy trial leading to the goodies. The boys got so excited when they saw the candy and they loved all their fun stuff. Thank you grandma Peeler!

P.S. If you're wondering why I gave this post such a weird title I really don't know. That's just the song that was stuck in my head while I was writing this post. I guess it's kinda fitting since I've always thought Valentines Day was a hoax. Why do we have to have one day set aside to show people we love them? We should be doing it all year. And why are flowers, chocolates and jewelry the 3 things that will show that love the most? Doesn't make sense to me, but it is fun to decorate for :) I told Michael he better NEVER buy me flowers on the day that every other man is buying his girl flowers. I told him to save it for a day when I really need them. And he's kept that promise! Last month I was having a horrible day. I won't go into particulars but there were several text messages sent to his phone giving him details of what was happening at home. When he came home that night he walked in with flowers!

 My troubled day suddenly faded to oblivion and I was really touched. I felt loved and appreciated, a feeling you kinda loose when you're surrounded by little people always asking you to do something and never saying thank you. Those little daisies meant more to me that night than a dozen (over priced) roses would have meant to me on Valentines Day. That's "what LOVEs got to do with it." It's about showing love when someone needs it and not just on a day that society says you're expected to.
And that is the extremely long answer to the question you might not of even had ;)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Call Us Crazy!

My dad took just Michael and I out to lunch one day. We ate at Fatz which is right by the historic Gaffney Peach. I LOVE that thing :)
The Decision: Sunday night we went to bed thinking Monday would be just another normal day for us. We woke up and I made pancakes since it was Michael's day off. As we sat down to eat our pancakes I got a text from my mom. This is what happened next...

10:00 Text comes in - Mom: If you leave now you guys could see snow! We're expected to get 2 to 4   inches :) I know she was just kidding but Michael and I looked at each other and thought of how fun that would be for the boys. But Michael had work AND Seminary, there was no way we could make the trip. Or so I thought.

10:10 Michael decides we're doing it! He sends out emails to find Seminary Subs for a few days and calls his mom to see if she can work for him. Everything aligned and we were free to go!

10:20 We start running around frantically packing and getting our stuff together.

11:00 We tell a very excited Collin that he will be going to see his uncle Logan AND snow! He was ready to hop in the car that instant :)

12:00 We were out of there and headed to South Carolina! I still can not believe that 1, we actually dropped everything and took a trip at the spur of the moment, and 2, that we packed us and two kids in two hours!

Now this is the part where I give you a WARNING. I took over 200 pictures while we were there and while I won't be posting all 200 pictures, I will still be posting A LOT! So, pack a snack and be sure you use the restroom before you begin :)

The Trip Up: Now it's a 9 hour drive from our house to my parents so we were a little worried about the boys being in the car for so long. But they did great! They only slept for a few hours and spent the rest of the time looking out the window and playing games on the Kindle and Leap Frog. It was great! Until we stopped for dinner...

We ate at McDonald's which was probably our first mistake :) About an hour after eating I heard Tate make a weird choking noise. I turned around just in time to see him throw up not once, not twice, but three times!!! It was projectile and gross and missed Collin by two inches! He was watching a movie and was thankfully oblivious to the whole thing because he freaks out with that kind of stuff. And thankfully for you, I did NOT take any pictures of this event ;) We stopped and got it cleaned up as much as we could, but there was still a distinct smell that stayed with us for a few hours after that. Tate felt so much better though and was smiling and talking so we're thinking the combination of sitting so long and then eating a lot of food is what did it. 

Our Final Destination! We finally pulled in to my parents house a little after 10 and what's the first thing the boys do? They spot the huge jar of candy on my moms bar and beg for a sucker. And of course they were granted their wish :)
 First Snowfall Tuesday morning it started to snow! It was beautiful. The flakes were so big!

 I just wanted to watch it all day! And apparently Collin and my mom felt the same way because I constantly saw them at the window.

Logan was a little more adventurous than us and braved the cold.

I went outside to snap a few pictures real quick and came back to this. I guess he didn't like being left behind. :)

And then came the serious snow Wednesday is when the real snow came. It snowed all day and started to stick really well. 

 Can you tell I loved taking pictures of the snow? It was just so beautiful to me!


I love the snow mustache Bubba Gump is sporting.
 (Yes I really named my car Bubba Gump)
I measured 2 inches of snowfall right by the house, but as we ventured further out we ran into snow 4 inches deep.

 The Snowball Fight We quickly discovered that we have a snow lover on our hands. Any chance Collin got to go outside he would. And he never asked to go back in. He stayed out until everyone else got cold and tired.
 I loved watching them have spontaneous snowball fights. You never know how kids will react to certain situations so I was kinda holding my breath the first time Collin got hit by a snowball. He loved it though and was more than happy to throw them back. 

Sledding My favorite part was sledding!  

I was surprised that Collin took to sledding so easily. He wanted to go by himself right away. My little boy is growing up! I also think it's hilarious that both Collin and Logan have their tongue sticking out in this first picture. Can you tell they're related? :)

As the day progressed, people started doing more adventurous styles of sledding. Going down backwards, standing up, on your knees...as you can see, it worked well for some while others...well, we'll let the next picture speak for itself :)
Here's a better view of the awesome hill we were sliding down.

Look at that handsome man :)
This is my absolute favorite out of the bunch. 
When the climb gets to hard, it's nice to know uncle Logan will always be there to pull you along :)

Even Tori's ducks liked the snow.

The white one is the female and she just laid eggs!

One thing the ducks do NOT like is, BRYCE! He knows the male duck is very protective so he likes to ruffle his feathers. Looks like the duck gets the last laugh though :)

 We only convinced Tate to come out once. He wasn't really into the cold.

 We tried to get Tate to come out one other time but we dressed him up in three pairs of pants, two shirts and a jacket and then laid him on the couch while we finished getting ready. When we were all ready we looked over at Tate and he hadn't moved! Upon closer inspection we realized his eyelids were slowing drooping closed. So we left him inside to take a nap. Either we took to long getting ready or he felt very snug in all those clothes :)

We had a really great time and are so glad we made the trip!

Indoor Shenanigans Of course we didn't stay outside the WHOLE trip :)

Logan and Collin made us homemade cookies!

And Tori and mom made us snow cream!
Michael's worried because he's always been taught to "never eat yellow snow"

A few hours before we had to head home, we went out and built a snowman. Because you can't go see snow and NOT build a snowman. 

Bryce was suppose to help, but decided to take a nap mid snow ball :/
Our trip was so short (only 3 days!) But we sure did have a blast and enjoyed every moment.
We miss you guys already!

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Little This and a Little That

 Just a few pictures from Collin's favorite place on earth!
The Science Center!

 These two were taken in the Infinity Krystal at the new nano exhibit. 

 I seriously don't know how these two keep getting cuter :)

We also had to say goodbye to our friend Jamie last week :( 
Best of luck in California!