Worry Less, Live More

Worry Less, Live More

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Collin and his PEEPS

My family came to stay with us for two weeks this month and I thought I had been really good at taking pictures while they were here, but sadly I didn't do as good as I thought I did :(

The previous owners of the house left their Satellite dish on the side of the house so my parents brought their receiver with them and hooked it up so that we could have satellite T.V. while they were here! There was one MAJOR stipulation to this deal though...
At 5pm mom got complete control of the T.V. so she could watch Glenn Beck. We then listened to her talk to Glenn throughout the show saying things like, "I agree!" or "You tell um' Glenn!" At one point I looked over at my little brother Logan with raised eyebrows. He said, "She does this all the time."

One night my family went to visit my Aunt and Uncle and while they were gone Michael and I were enjoying flipping through ALL the different channels. We finally settled on a show and 15 min. later as soon as it turned 10pm the satellite cut off. My dad had programed it that way so that my younger siblings couldn't watch anything past 10. We needed a password to unblock it and since we didn't know it we ended up reverting back to our local channels picked up by our antenna. We felt like teenagers being blocked that night :)

Michael and Collin taking advantage of 24/7 basketball.

Aunt Tori trying to persuade Collin to enjoy his pool.
We liked to keep the boys caged in one room. We've found that less destruction happens that way.

On my family's last night we got Italian ice from Jeremiah's. SOOOO yummy!
cookies and cream
peanut butter
Scoop Froggy Frog (mint chocolate chip)
blackberry raspberry
chocolate Gelatis
and Key West Tropical Gelatis

That's it, I'm off to have some left-overs :)

Yes We "CAN"!!!

My mom brought her sealer with her when she came to visit me so I could add a few more jars of sugar and rice to my food storage. She had also brought some sealer bags so to try them out we got a few items from the Bishop's storehouse.

We canned, or bagged

Apple slices...

Do we really have to do ALL these Grandma?

Re-fried Beans, and some of the yummiest cocoa ever!

Collin was ready to try all the yummy food. He had his tongue out practically the whole time.
If a hurricane hits us this year and we are stuck at home for a few days, at least we know we'll have re-fried beans and apple slices to snack on and cocoa to wash it down:)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

To Swim or Not to Swim?

Grandpa got Collin a wading pool so we thought we'd get him used to it before taking him to the big pool...he wasn't to thrilled.

No amount of coaxing would change his mind

On daddy's day off we decided to venture out to the community pool despite Collin's reluctance. It's just too hot in Florida not to swim. We'll make him a water baby whether he likes it or not.

He didn't like it...

But after several minutes of fussing and a few distractions by uncle Logan...

He finally started to enjoy it!

Of course, his favorite part of the whole experience was snack time :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Happy Easter Morning!

The Easter Bunny dropped off some goodies for Collin!

Collin loved it when his Great-grandma, Great-Aunt and Grandma played catch with his Easter eggs with him.

Easter Egg Hunt at the Arnsdorff's!!!
300 eggs were hidden including one spotted egg.
The one who found the most eggs got the huge chocolate bunny in the picture below. (Bryce collected the most eggs. I guess his arms and the giant bunny are all that represent him in this picture) The won who found the polka dot egg got an iTunes gift card. Way to go Austin for finding the spotted egg!

Everyone else got to pick from the big bag of candy.

You just can't take some people out in public ;)

And of course it wouldn't be Easter without the traditional bunny cake!
(Made with love by Tori and Grandma)

We are so thankful for the opportunity to be with Family this Easter and even more thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ and the Atonement which brings so much happiness into our lives.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Goin' Courtin' - Date #4

Egg Hunt

Why should kids get all the fun during egg hunts?
After they've gone to bed have an "adult only" egg hunt.
(totally G-rated of course)

Divided the eggs up evenly between you. Michael got all the green and blue eggs and I got all the pink and orange ones.
Instead of putting candy in them we decided to put "wishes". We wrote out what we wanted on slips of paper and put one in each egg. Some wishes would be granted at a future date (Ex: Michael wanted to pick the next movie and I wanted him to have dish duty one night) While a few wishes were to be granted that night (Ex: foot rub :)
Once we finished filling our eggs with "wishes" we swapped eggs so that I could hide his blue and green eggs and he could hide my pink and orange ones.

The Rules:
1. You have to hide one egg in each room of the house. (We ended up only hiding four eggs a piece but it still took us over half and hour to find them all)


2. Can't double hide the eggs (meaning, you can't hide the egg in a box and then place that box in another box.)

Once you've hidden the eggs throughout the house, HAPPY HUNTING!
To make it even more challenging turn out the lights and use flashlights to hunt for your eggs. (Just don't flash them crazily around the windows. Don't want your egg hunt interrupted by the police when they come to check out a call saying your house is being robbed :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Child ate WHAT!?

Disclaimer: If you have entomophobia (fear of insects) you might not want to read all of this post.

This week has been slightly stressful. Collin had his 9 month appointment Wednesday and he didn't get a good review. He had lost weight since his 6 month checkup weighing in at about 13 pounds 1 ounce. He's always been on the small side but since he also hadn't grown in height the Dr. was a little concerned that he wasn't getting enough milk. So he told me to start supplementing with formula to see if we can get his weight back up. To a strictly breastfed baby this was not met with a ready willingness. In fact it was met with screaming and tantrums. For three days we struggled to get him to take formula. (I say we, but it was mostly Michael because I'm a pushover)

One day, during our struggle I was down on the floor trying to distract Collin after one of his crying fits and he found my nursing cover. He brought it to me, crawled into my lap and looked at me with pitiful eyes. He broke my heart. Finally, after much prayer I got the idea to put applesauce on the bottle nipple to get him to start sucking and it worked! I have to constantly keep applying applesauce to the nipple but he downs the whole bottle! Chubby baby here we come! Too bad I can't give him some of my fat.

entomophopia's STOP reading now! And whatever you do, DON'T scroll down!

you really want to now don't you?

Anyways, the day after his Dr. visit we met my aunt at my grandma's house to clean and get her place ready for her since she had been out of town. Collin disappeared on me and when I went looking for him I found him in the kitchen among my grandma's canned food. I picked him up and on closer inspection I saw a little hairy leg on his cheek. I told my aunt, "Oh I think Collin just ate a cockroach." She came over and said, "um...I think he's STILL eating the cockroach."
Now, I HATE cockroaches. The fact that Collin had eaten one didn't really bother me as weird as it sounds. I mean, the Dr. said he needed more protein right? But the thought that I would now have to reach my hand in his mouth and touch this disgusting insect was starting to creep me out. We looked into his mouth and sure enough, there it was! I stuck my finger in his mouth to try and dig it out, but Collin was refusing to give up his latest snack. My finger brushed against it's hairy body and I let out a shriek which of course scared my aunt and made her scream, which in turn made Collin start crying because two adults were screaming at him. But with him crying that meant his mouth was wide open so my aunt Patti reached in and grabbed it before Collin could finish what he started. Thank you Patti for saving us both!
On closer inspection of the roach we noticed it's head was not there... and i found another leg in Collin's spit up a little later. Apparently cockroach doesn't sit well with him. Who would have thought?

And as if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, Collin fell of the bed for the first time that night. I won't mention the name of the parent who wasn't watching him. Let's just say his nickname is "daddy" ;)
At least I don't let him fall off the bed. I just let him eat cockroaches and rubber bark from the playground:)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This is Eggsactly my idea of fun!

I got the Easter Eggs out last week and dumped them out on the floor. Collin went crazy! He was chasing them and throwing them all over the place.

I found these cute...I mean more manly eggs in the shape of a baseball at the store and couldn't resist getting them. He LOVES them!

Who knew something so cheap could keep someone entertained for so long?

Apparently playing with Easter Eggs is eggshausting!

This is Collin's new preferred way of sleeping. After trying to move him to a more comfortable position at least a dozen times only to have him wake up crying, I've decided to just let him be. I guess his opinion of a comfortable position is not MY opinion of one :)