Worry Less, Live More

Worry Less, Live More

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Goin' Courtin' - Date #3

Heart Attack!
Since Monday was Valentines Day I centered our date night around that. I waited until Michael started getting ready for work and then went and gave his truck a "heart attack" (I put all the hearts on the inside of the truck so that they wouldn't blow away and so that the tape wouldn't peel the paint off ) I also but his invitation to the date on his seat so he would see it when he opened the door. This was the treat/invitation...(Except I wrapped a candy bar instead of candy hearts because I knew Michael didn't like the candy hearts)
If you go to familyfun.go.com you can find the directions and print outs to make this. On the back I wrote "Will you Be My Valentine?" and added the time and day of the date.

The rest of the date is suppose to be relaxing and romantic so after you put the kids down, light a few candles and have dessert by candle light. After dessert present him with his gifts (totally free gifts of course) For example...one of my gifts was the CD cover to Nat King Cole. The song we danced to at our wedding was "The Very Thought of you" I put the CD in the player earlier and pre-programmed the cd player to play that specific song when I pushed play. So when he opened his gift and saw the cd cover, I pushed play for a romantic dance by candle light:) You could also wrap foot rub if you both enjoy them. You can think of other FREE gifts that fit your relationship and remember, the cheesier, the better:)
And even though Valentines has past, it's never too late for a good Heart Attack! Besides, this is still the month of love right?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Goin' Courtin' - Date # 2

Heart 2 Heart
Invitation to date: Cut a heart out of red construction paper and write " Let's get together for a little Heart 2 Heart" on the front. (You can add the day of the date if you want to) Slip the heart into his lunch or somewhere else you know he'll find it.

What you'll need:
Construction paper

If done right, this date has the potential to last ALL weekend!

Next cut out 10 more hearts out of construction paper and write "Kiss Me" on the front of each one. On the night of the date divide the hearts up so that you both have 5 a piece. Write a little love note to each other on the back of each heart. Then that night or throughout the next day, hide your hearts in places your spouse will look like a book they're reading or the cereal box in my husbands case ;) (Just make sure you hide them where ONLY your spouse will find them and not your kids or any company...how embarrassing would that be?)
Now, whenever you or your spouse finds one of the hearts drop whatever you're doing, go find that person and give them a kiss! (That's the best part of this date :)
You could also get some Hersey Kisses to eat while you're writing the love notes or your favorite candy.
If you think you might have trouble coming up with 5 love notes on the spot, you can always write these phrases on the back of the hearts to get yourself thinking...
"What I love most about you is"...
"Remember when we"...
"You made me laugh when"...
"I admire you because"...
" I like it when"...

It's a simple and fast date, but it's absolutely FREE!!! (ok, maybe that's the best part)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Playing with toys and sitting by myself



Being Goofy with Dad