Worry Less, Live More

Worry Less, Live More

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Collin's Joy School 2014

 Joy School is over :( It's been a great year full of tons of fun and these sweet kiddos.
It's hard to believe that Pre-School is right around the corner! I'm going to miss seeing these guys every week!

We're having a pool party this Wednesday for all the kids, but since this was the last official day of Joy School, we decided to have a little end of school party. There were stickers, there were games, there were suckers, and of course, what party is complete without CONFETTI!!!

 And a big thank you to Jen and Vickie for insisting that the kids help pick up. Because if you hadn't, I pretty sure my floors would still look like this to this day. :)
Good luck in Preschool guys!

Mass Transportation Is Not For Sissy's

We did it. We joined all the other crazy people on the new SunRail train here in Orlando. We went during it's grand opening when the ride was free! I learned two things.
1. You meet some very intresting people when taking mass transportation and
2. Mass Transportation isn't for sissy's. 
You're pretty much at the mercy of whoever is driving. If it's late (and it was waaaay late) than you're late! Glad we didn't have a business meeting to get to! 
It's also incredibly crowded! I know it was even more so when we went since the ride was free, but still...
Collin getting photo bombed by some of those "interesting people" on the train that I was telling you about :)

 Oh yes, you're seeing that correctly. Those stairs in the background lead to the second level of the train. That was a fun surprise. We rode up top on the way to Altamonte and down below on the way back.

We had a good time together. Tate ate snacks the entire ride! And when we got off for ice cream in Altomonte, he proceeded to drink from everyone's shakes! The boy's a bottomless pit! 
It was a fun evening, but it sure did make me extra thankful for a car of my own!

Rain Is Very Wet, and Other Silly Nonsense

 I told you it rained all week! The boys finally got so tired of being inside that I let Collin put his rain coat on and play in it. His observation? "Rain is really wet mom" Hmmm...good deduction son ;)
Tate's observation? "Rain fall is totally awesome, but it's more enjoyable in the safety of the screened in porch." I'm with you on that one Tate :)

In other water related news...

 The boys discovered the joys of THE SPRINKLER! They beg to play in it almost every day now! Funny how little things like this remind me of my awesome childhood. Just goes to show it's the memories and good times you remember, not the material things.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Little Fun Goes a Long Way

 We went to the Dr. Phillips Splash Park as a family last Monday! I'm so glad we went because it has been stormy and raining all week! Looking at these pictures makes me envious. I miss the sun!

Tate was very hesitant to go into the water and spent most of his time under the umbrella eating :) Collin was the complete opposite and took off running the second he saw the fountains. He was all over that park. Hence the reason I have several pictures of Tate and only one of Collin :)

 There's a really cool park right beside the splash park too which the boys love. Michael was teaching Collin how to climb on all the bars and ropes and making me very nervous, but I tried not to say anything :)
 I just concentrated on this little guy and tried not to pay attention to the two crazies behind me :)
It was a fun family day.