Worry Less, Live More

Worry Less, Live More

Friday, January 31, 2014

My Three Loves

I'm pretty sure I have THE best life! I'm surrounded by handsome men so why wouldn't my life be great?
I have two little boys who are absolutely GREAT in the car. (see picture above) I like to think that my driving is just so phenomenal and smooth that it just lulls them to sleep :) It has nothing to do with the fact that they play hard every waking moment. 

 And just in case you needed another sleeping picture, here ya go. Can you tell sleeping children is kinda a weakness of mine?

 I have two healthy children for which I thank Heavenly Father for every night.

 And for the most part, my boys really love each other and are good friends. 
They even get into trouble together. I found them playing in an overflowing bathroom sink one day. And see how my soap dispenser is now empty? Yeah, bet you can guess where all the soap went. 
I couldn't be mad though because they were having so much fun and well, just look at those thighs! I wanted to eat them!

 And speaking of eating...saying that Tate has a healthy appetite would be an understatement. 
He eats ALL. THE. TIME!

 As we were going through a drive thru one day this lady spotted Tate in the back seat and said, "Girl, your baby is so juicy!" I laughed, but she's completely right. And I'm lucky enough to be able to kiss those juicy cheeks any time I want :)
 And Tate is finally walking!!! This was one of the first steps he ever took. Please take note of his inspiration in the bottom left hand corner. That is a chicken nugget. If you didn't believe he loved food before, you now have your proof!
 And we can't forget my main love who is also the most awesome dad ever! Although I think he is regretting ever introducing Collin to Mario on the Wii. Collin wants to play it all the time and I told him that it's only a daddy and Collin game so that I could get out of playing it. I know, I'm sneaky like that ;)

Yep, I've got it good and I'm enjoying every minute. Even the soapy wet one :)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Sunbeam

 It happened today! We finally have a Sunbeam!
 It still seems a little surreal to me. Graduating out of Nursery makes him seem so much bigger for some reason. How am I going to feel when he starts school?! I'm a little sad to see him growing up, but mostly I'm just excited to watch him hit these milestones. This is big stuff and I'm so thankful I get to experience it right along side him (whether he likes it or not ;)

 Collin with his good buddy Ryan. I had a picture of them together last year that I was going to compare, but I couldn't find it.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

 Happy New Year!

This year we decided to do a count down to welcome in the new year. Each hour leading up to midnight, we let Collin pop a balloon. Inside each balloon was an activity. We played games, did sparklers, Wii Dance, and we were suppose to play glow stick tag, but Collin was a little traumatized by the fireworks we set off earlier that night and refused to go outside :)

I love how Tate thinks he's actually playing.

My Grandma Brown, Aunt Patti and cousin Austin

This is the firework that traumatized Collin. Guess we were a little too close when the loud bang went off.
I thought for sure Collin would make it until midnight and Tate would be out by 10, but it was the exact opposite! Collin passed out around 11:30 and THIS guy...

 Made it all the way to 12:30! Party animal!

 At midnight we watched the ball drop and did confetti wands to welcome in the new year!
 Since Collin missed out we let him do it the next morning.

2013 was a great year for our family! We were kinda sad to see it go, but we're very excited to see what 2014 brings.
Happy New Year!

Farewell Nursery, Hello Primary!

Collin's Nursery class and BEST teachers ever! Sis. Solomon and...Sis. Solomon
 It was Collin's last day in Nursery last Sunday! 
This Sunday he'll be a Sunbeam!!! I'm still trying to take that fact in.
Ryan and Collin in true character :)
Yesterday I told him that this Sunday he'll be coming to the big boy class. I told him I would be in there doing music time and that we'd get to see each other. His response?..... 
"No mom, I want you to leave. I don't want you in there."
Ouch :( At least he's confident? Oh I feel so sorry for his new teacher.