Worry Less, Live More

Worry Less, Live More

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

 Cousin Angie got some baby chicks!

 We went over and spent the afternoon petting them and watching them run around their chicken coop. It took Collin a few minutes to decide he even wanted to touch them, but once he decided he liked them, we couldn't get him out of the coop.

Tate on the other hand, loved them right off the bat. I was amazed at how gentle he was with them.
Despite the fact that both boys loved these cute little furry creatures, we will NOT be getting chickens anytime soon. We will just have to go and visit cousin Angie's whenever the mood strikes :)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

One Picture

Collin has been really in to the garden this year. I looked out to see him watering it like this one day. Thank goodness we have a fence :) 
I love him.

Amy's Shower

 My cute sister-in-law is having a baby boy! Due in May. We are all super excited. 
She had her shower this past week and can I just say how nice it was to go to a a baby shower and not be pregnant myself? It's going to be even nicer when I go up to the hospital to visit little Jeremy, and then leave whenever I want. I think I'm really gonna enjoy loving on someone else baby :) 
 Anyway, back to the shower. The decorations were absolutely adorable and these cupcakes were out of this world! There was a serious party going on on my taste buds!

See what I mean by adorable?!

 The shower was wonderful and I think what made it even more great was the fact that my other sister-in-law and my niece Shannon flew in from Philly and surprised everyone!
She is growing up way to fast and I'm a little envious of her red hair :)
(My other niece Tiffany is on the right)
 And I couldn't leave my nephew Mikey out :) The men were banished outside with the younger kids.
 Uncle Ken and the girls kept Tate entertained.

 The did so good in fact, that this happened not even 5 min into our drive home. He was wiped out!
Can't wait to meet baby Jeremy in a few months!

Follow That Rainbow!

Ok, promise not to laugh at our St. Patrick's day decor :) 
We really don't have much, just odds and ends I've collected over the past few years, but the boys loved it! They especially loved walking under the hanging shamrocks so it's good enough for me.

We started a new St Patrick's Day tradition this year. I ran rainbow colored string through out the house and had the boys follow the rainbow to find their treasure. 
As a side note, I don't think Collin is capable of taking a serious picture :)
 Their "treasure" ended up being mechanical toothbrushes and some new toothpaste. Very practical, I know, but the only time you get awesome stuff around here, is birthdays and Christmas :) In fact, the Easter Bunny will probably be bringing them new underwear and socks. Every kids dream...
The toothbrushes were actually a big hit though. (See, give your kids low expectations and they'll be excited for anything!)
 In the past we would have to physically sit on Tate for him to let us brush his teeth. Now, he loves it and can do it all on his own! Seriously the best $5 I've spent in a long time. 
If you don't believe how much excitement surrounds these magical toothbrushes, I caught this one running out of the bathroom yesterday. I followed him to the living room where he promptly sat down in his chair and started brushing his teeth. He cried when I took it away. Cried! We will never go back to boring toothbrushes again :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I wanted to try a few new poses and settings with my camera so I begged Wendy to let me use her kids as my models. I'm really happy with how the pictures came out. It's mostly due to how photogenic Kaitlyn and Tyler were. All they did was smile and every picture came out great!

Here are a few more of my favorites.

 And of course I can see where they get their good looks from...their beautiful momma :)

I did this one just for fun. I kinda like it.

Thanks for being such good sports guys!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

One Picture

Tate is a serious daddy's boy and I love it!

Picnic in the Park

 We took the boys for a picnic in the park for Family Home Evening last Monday. 
We stayed for a loooooong time. I'm glad my boys love being outside and Michael and I were both laughing as we watched Collin join other kids in a game of tag. On the way home we asked him if he had fun playing with the boys. He said, "No, I played with the girls." Crazy boy!