Worry Less, Live More

Worry Less, Live More

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween

Guess where we went last night? Thanks to our friends the Elmores and Swaffords, we got to go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!

We had sooooo much fun! 
Collin (and Tate) got to experience their very 1st Haunted Mansion ride! 
Michael use to work that ride when he worked at Disney so it's one of our favorites. We thought Collin would be a little freaked out, but he liked it! Yay! 

I think Collin's favorite parts of the night were the fireworks and parade. He danced almost the entire time. He was so fun to watch.
These next pictures are some of my favorites of the night! After the parade ended, we turned around and saw Cinderella's evil stepmother and stepsisters. They spent 10 minutes just hanging out with us and taking pictures :)

 The adorable Swafford family
And I believe I win  "worlds most awkward squat during a picture award"

Olivia's face cracks me UP every time I see the picture above!
The picture below was totally spontaneous. Collin heard a firework go off and freaked! 
(he LOVES fireworks) 
Drizella and Anastasia just went with it and even Olivia's face is priceless. I just happened to snap the picture at the right moment. Total luck :)
Collin spent the rest of the time dancing with them and flirting. I think he developed a little crush ;)

We didn't get back to our car until midnight! 

Thank You Swaffords for an insanely fun night! We owe you big!
Pumpkin Patch 2013

 Hayride with Jared, Nola and Andersen
(If Nola looks wet, it's because she went head first into a tub of water while we were there. Poor Nola.)

 This was Collin's first hayride. I think he liked it.

 During the hayride they stopped to let the kids pet this Doe. She was so gentle :)
 And of course, no pumpkin patch trip would be complete without picking out your very own pumpkin.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

No Chip for Me Please

 My dad and little brother came to town for a few weeks so we decided to go to Chip and Dale's Campfire sing-a-long for Family Home Evening. I had no idea Collin would enjoy it as much as he did! He LOVED it! Tate on the other hand, was TERRIFIED of Chip and Dale. You can't see his face in the picture above, but he was freaking out!

 See what I mean by Collin loving it? He danced the whole time! I loved watching him. He also got to try his first S'More.
So, during the sing along they do this song that requires you to stand up several times during the song. Michael was holding Tate to where Tate was looking over his shoulder and every time Michael stood up for the song, Tate would scream and cry, but when Michael sat back down Tate would instantly stop. This happened about 3 times leaving Michael totally perplexed. The fourth time it happened Michael turned to look behind him and realized Chip was standing right behind their bench. Every time Michael stood up Tate could see him and that's why he was freaking out :) What a silly kid. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

A Place of Peace

 I have been wanting to have a special Family Home Evening about the temple for a looooooong time. 
I want my boys to learn to love the temple and to recognize that peaceful feeling that comes from such a holy place.We were finally able to set some time aside a few weeks ago to visit the temple as a family and just walk around the grounds. 

We started our FHE by telling Collin that he needed to get dressed in his Sunday clothes because we were going somewhere special. He knew what the temple was and loves to drive by it when we go to visit daddy at work, so I told him that this time we were actually going to get out of the car and walk around the temple. I explained that we needed to wear nice clothes because the temple is the house of the Lord and we should show our reverence in our dress and our actions. (I think this speech was a little lost on him because as soon as we got there he wanted to race us around the Temple. This of course is the opposite of reverent) 

 We sat on one of the benches in front of the temple and had a 2 min. lesson. I reiterated why we needed to be reverent at the temple and that it was the Lord's house and Michael told Collin that this was where mommy and daddy came to get married and added that Collin could go inside one day when he's older if he keeps choosing the right.
We then walked around the whole temple as a family and just enjoyed the peace and the time together.
The lesson was short and simple, there was no "ah ha" moment for Collin and half the time I wondered if he was even listening. 
But I'm learning to accept that not EVERY spiritual experience will have an immediate impact. And that's ok. Sometimes I think I need creative lessons with games, activities or treats that match the gospel principle I'm teaching in order to keep Collin engaged. And while those things are great and totally fun, sometimes simple is better. Sometimes you just need to let your children feel the spirit and just be still. Teaching with the spirit is way more important than teaching with "fluff". And even though my simple lesson might not have sparked that "ah ha" moment with Collin now, I know he felt the spirit and I know that this experience, and others like it, will stay with him and grow to impact his testimony in the future.

I'm so thankful for the eternal blessings of the temple!
The temple opens my heart and gives me more love for my family here on earth, and gives me the promise of an eternal bond with them in heaven after we die.We LOVE the temple!