Worry Less, Live More

Worry Less, Live More

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Party Like It's the Last Week of Summer!!!

Sunday after church Michael, Collin and I were spending a quiet evening at home. We were discussing the lessons we had been taught in our classes and since my lesson had been on Chastity we were in a very serious debate on who would give Collin the famous talk about the "birds and the bee's" when all of a sudden I saw someone in our back yard trying to peak through our screen and into our house! (Our yard is fenced in by the way) I gave a shriek and sent the packet of wipes I had just picked up, flying across the room. Michael, startled by my sudden outburst, flew off the couch and spun around in the direction I was looking when I screamed. (you'd think he'd be use to my sudden screams by now since the tiniest spiders tend to send me into hysterics) Anyways, it only took me a few seconds to realize it was my DAD peeping through the window! How's that for anticlimactic? Bet you were hoping for something a little more exciting like a burglar trying to break in and Michael's daring attempt to fight him off with a dull kitchen blade. (Sorry, I think I've been watching too much 'American Ninja Warriors' on T.V.)

But even though you might not be excited by the outcome, I sure was! My family live in South Carolina and hadn't breathed a word that they were coming down. It was a great surprise...well, after the shock that is.
They were able to stay the whole week with us and since it was the LAST week of summer we decided to kick off our week long party with...


Me, my mom, sister, aunt and cousin met at my grandma's house for a sleepover!
It was So. Much. Fun!

We treated ourselves to a strawberry lip scrub. Courtesy of our favorite 'Basin White' store here in Orlando.

Satin Hands
~ courtesy of Mary Kay~

And what is a girls night without a manicure and pedicure?

We stayed up till 2am!
And I paid for it the next day. Ah, to be a teenager again :(

Of course some of us just couldn't make it.
And for our 2am snack...Monkey Bread! Thanks Grandma!

These next two pictures are kinda random but I thought they were funny.
My siblings Tori, Logan and Bryce goofing off with Collin's word cards.

At least he didn't eat the dog food himself.
We capped off the week by heading to the Beach!

My younger brother Bryce just got his license so we let him chauffeur us around.

My dad with Collin

BryceDid Collin like the beach?...

Don't let him fool you. Those are tears of joy!

Collin spent the entire 4 hours right here in this chair. He wouldn't set one TOE in the sand without bawling his eyes out. If his face looks red it's because I tortured him by sticking his feet in the water to which he protested VERY loudly!That's ok. It allowed us to get some sun!

My little brother Logan is in the white shirt. He's 10 and every time we saw him he was hanging near a different girl. I don't think he ever talked to any of them. Just strutted his stuff and jumped very manly over the huge waves to get their attention :)

One of the few times I actually coaxed my little man anywhere near the water. And yes, he was crying.
How come I have all these pictures of Bryce just standing with his board? Do we have another male in the family trying to catch the ladies?

Poor Tori got stung by a jelly fish :(
Surprise surprise, Collin's still in the chair
My uncle Dan on the left and Dad on the right.
My aunt Patti, Logan and I decided to build a sand alligator.

Logan decided to provide the gator with some "food" and constructed a little turtle. You can kinda see it in front of the gator's mouth

And look! There's Bryce again! With his board! Suspicious!!

Dialog on the drive home...
Dad: Red light Bryce!
Bryce: Dad I know!
Dad: Speed limit's 45
Bryce: Dad I know! I just lifted my foot off the brake! Gosh. Don't you know I have the reflexes of a ninja!? You don't have to worry!
Collin: (thinking) Are we there yet?
Eventually he just gave up and gave out!
I guess all that sitting at the beach wore him out!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Man Child

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget he is someone today.
-Stacia Tauscher

It is better to build boys than to mend men

Tough as nails ;)

This is how I roll!

Little boys leave smudges on your heart

Small boys become big men through the influence of big men who care about small boys.

If you haven't time to respond to a tug on your pants leg, your schedule is to crowded.
-Robert Brault

Never underestimate a child's ability to get into more trouble.
-Martin Mull

Boys are God's way of telling you your house is too clean...

Young boys should never be sent to bed, they always wake up another day older.
-Johnnie Depp in Finding Neverland