Worry Less, Live More

Worry Less, Live More

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Kick Off

 Is it REALLY the last week of November!? Christmas is just around the corner and we are pretty excited about it around here :)

 Sunday was Tate's first day at church. He did pretty good. I tried to time his feedings so that he would sleep during Primary but it didn't work. Michael ended up having to do Singing Time during Sr. Primary for me, so we'll have to work on that. It's good to know I have a back up though :)

Monday for Family Home Evening we put up our Christmas Tree. It's the same one we bought the year we got married and is only about 4 ft. tall but Collin didn't seem to care.

 This year is going to be so much fun because Collin finally understands what's going on...to a certain degree. He gets sooooo excited when he sees lights or Christmas Trees so when we pulled ours out he was one happy boy. Then we brought out the train and put it around the tree! Yeah, we had a little trouble getting a certain someone to go to bed that night ;)

I love the picture above on the right. When I plugged the tree in, Collin reacted with an "ah" like we expected, but then he went up to the tree and was trying to blow the lights out like a candle.

Tate was good and just hung out watching everything around him. Look at those cheeks! That's one boy who LOVES to eat!

And our Christmas kick off wouldn't be complete without grandma's reindeer!

We thought about ending the night with hot chocolate and a classic Christmas movie, but trying to decorate a tree, even a 4 ft one, with a 2 yr old who was taking stuff OFF the tree as fast as we could put it on, and a 3 week old who thinks he needs to be fed every 10 min., it actually took us longer than expected. Before we knew it, it was 9:30! And sugar and Collin right before bed don't exactly mix well :) So, hot cocoa and a movie will just have to be for another night.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So much to be THANKFUL for

I am so thankful for this blue eyed boy who is always making me laugh and has taken really well to his 
"big brother" roll.
 I am also thankful for my wonderful family. Both on my side and Michael's. We enjoyed having my family here for the thanksgiving holiday this year. My mom was such a big help cleaning and cooking and pretty much running my house for me while I rested.
 I'm thankful for TWO Thanksgiving dinners!
 We always spend the morning of Thanksgiving at Moss Park for Michael's family reunion.
 It was so windy and chilly! Little Tate had to stay bundled up, but I don't think he minded one bit.

 Collin was entertained by cousins Mikey and Tiffany.
 Good company and good food make for a GREAT afternoon.
 Michael's sister Amy and her hubby Ken.

My mom, Aunt Paula and Aunt Patti
After Moss Park we headed over to my Aunt Patti's for round two!
This year was extra special because my parents and brother were here and my Aunt Paula and her family were also able to join us from Tenn.!

 Collin decided to cover Tate and I with Beanie Babies. He didn't even put a dent in the huge bin my aunt keeps in her living room. It kept him entertained for a good 15 min. though so I was happy :)

 We were sad to have my family leave us a few days after our Thanksgiving festivities. Guess I'll have to be a big girl now and run my own house :)
We have been so blessed!

Friday, November 16, 2012

How to Put Yourself into Labor

 Because I started having pre-term labor and spent three weeks on bed rest, I thought for sure I would go into labor early. And I did. Except it was 3 DAYS early instead of 3 WEEKS. Surprisingly, I wasn't overly anxious for labor to start. This is probably due to the fact that I had been in triage 5 different times in 3 weeks for various different things and needed a little break from all things related to hospitals. 
(Why do they have to smell soooo bad?) 
However, I was having a few health issues due to pregnancy and was ready for relief so I might have tried a few things :) 
I cleaned toilets, walked, led music during our Ward Primary Presentation, did I mentioned I walked? Nothing worked. I mean, if grocery shopping with your 2 year old doesn't put you into full fledged labor, I was beginning to think nothing would.  
And then one morning my sweet, sweet son walked out of his room and snuggled into my lap. 
(this should have been my first clue that something wasn't right, Collin doesn't snuggle) 
As I was asking him how he had slept and enjoying the moment, I caught a whiff of something ugly. I asked him if he had thrown up and before I had finished the question he up chucked in my lap. Needless to say, we would both go through 3 changes of clothes before the day was over. I spent the rest of the morning cleaning up you know what. Try getting a 2 yr. old to use a bowl...it wasn't happening. For some reason he felt the need to get up and run whenever the urge to be sick hit him. Still haven't figured that one out. 

Earlier that morning (before the drama started) when Michael's alarm went off for work, he asked if I could go into work for him so he could stay home. As I was cradling a sick and crying Collin and as he was getting ready to walk out the door I asked if he still wanted to switch jobs. " I think I'm good" was his reply. 
That night I was exhausted so we decided to just watch  something on Netflix. We (and I use the word "we" very loosely here.) decided to watch Little Shop of Horrors the musical since it wasn't that long and would allow us to still get in bed at a decent hour.
It. was. so. DUMB! I spent most of the movie with my face looking like this...

and we won't even talk about the ending that never happened. It was so disturbing in fact, that 5 hours later I went into labor :)

So there you have it ladies. If all your efforts to start labor seem to be in vain, I recommend you follow a sick toddler around for the day and finish the night off with a musical that will kill brain cells while you watch :) Wa-la, instant labor!

Pregnant with Collin on the left and Tate on the right.
And here he is! 
Tate Michael Boyd 
born Nov. 4th

 He weighed 7lbs. 11oz. which won him the nickname "big gulp" from his uncle.
Get it? "Big gulp" as in 7-11 the gas station??? After hearing someone call him Tater Tot, the pediatrician who checked him out decided to just call him "spud". I'm glad everyone showed us all the names he will be teased with AFTER we filled out the birth certificate papers! Just kidding, we love our little spud :)

 This was Collin's first reaction to seeing his new brother.
 He absolutely LOVES Tate and has been a great big brother.
 Our first family picture.
This picture makes me laugh because Collin kept trying to push the buttons on my bed and you can see how he's looking to see if we're distracted so he can page my nurse.

 Telling his dad all about his trip.
 Tate is a wonderful baby, however he seems to have a very overactive bladder. (probably due to the fact that he is a eating machine) It was getting so bad that we were changing his clothes every hour. That's why a day after getting home from the hospital, Collin got to help give Tate a bath.

  Can't resist kissing those chubby cheeks!

 A little bit of brotherly love. Lets hope it lasts :)
 I love sleeping babies :)
 We've tried several times to get Tate to take a paci but he just gags on it. That's ok though because there's another little boy who is more than happy to be reunited with his beloved friend...GREEEAT!
 I feel like we're being over run by boys around here... Oh well, at least they're cute :)
 And so it has begun. Tate has become Collin's new toy. The next day Collin kindly shared his Dinosaur stickers with him. All 7 of them.
 I love these two. They may be different as night and day as far as looks, but they show their unity by both sporting dirty mouths.
 We love our little Tate and are so blessed to have two healthy little boys!

 And, just so he doesn't feel like he's being totally replaced, here are a few of Collin.
Apparently you can never have too many animals in bed with you.
 New Thomas jammies! Thanks aunt Patti.
He loved these so much that I had to put his clothes on top of them the next day because he wouldn't take them off!
 Aunt Patti also gave him this dinosaur egg to hatch.