Worry Less, Live More

Worry Less, Live More

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Michael is busy watching the playoffs so I'm using this time to finally upload our pictures from our busy week!

We celebrated Michael's birthday on Wednesday.
(I won't tell what number this is for him :) 

For his birthday breakfast I made him waffles (by "made" I mean I slipped them in the toaster. But hey, I DID heat up the syrup!)
 When I went to tell Michael and Collin breakfast was ready I cracked up. Both of them were sporting the same hair :)
When Michael got to work that Morning he found a basket full of goodies waiting for him on his desk. Tuesday night Collin and I had hid outside the bookstore waiting for Michael to leave work. As soon as we saw him leave the store we ran inside to leave the basket. Between Collin setting off my car alarm and honking the horn every 5 min. I was sure he'd give us away but as soon as I saw Michael come out I shoved Collin to the floorboard. (Sometimes you gotta take one for the team right?) 
Anyways, there was a present for him to open for every hour that he was at work on his birthday. Most of them were little things like "Your choice of movie" or cookies I had baked. (Yes, I actually baked)  I even wrote "No Diaper Duty" on three diapers as one of the gifts. 
 And that night (thanks to his mom giving me the recipe) I successfully made his favorite meal. 
Homemade chicken and broccoli casserole.

 His parents came over to help us celebrate and Anne made her famous chocolate cake.

 Yup, it's that good :)

Saturday we went over to Michael's parents to do a birthday/father's day celebration. Our niece and nephew also have June birthday's so we had more cake!!!                         We got Mikey (our nephew) a gun that shoots these little balls made out of gel. I like how everyone's kinda backing away as Amy gets ready to shoot :)
 Collin thinks he's one of the big kids. He was trying to keep up with them as they ran around in the field.
 There's my favorite boy. 

( I can safely say that for a few more months :)

Sunday was nice and relaxing. I didn't get any pictures of our actual Father's Day (Shame on me)
But I did get some pics of Collin trying to help his dad with the yard work on Monday.
10 years from now I don't think he's gonna be this eager to help in the yard :(

We finished the day off with swimming! Well, the boys swam and I watched from the shade.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Boys Rule at Our House :)

 Oh, Boy!
Are we ready for double trouble and craziness at our house????
 I think so :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cabin Fever

 A whole week of rain! I was lov'in it for the sake of my grass but by day two of being cooped up inside, Collin started to transform into a Mr. Hyde :) 

To tame the beast we had to get a little creative.
We've been working on colors with him so I hid a bunch of blue blocks around the house and had him hunt for them. Every time he found one we would yell "blue!"  

I even got my widow markers out and let him decorate the glass. 
(I am slightly worried that he will now think ALL markers and crayons can be used on windows but I was desperate!)
 We ate A LOT! 
(I'm not condoning this "feet on the table" stunt. But I did think it was kinda funny.)

 And although it went against my "prim and proper" self ;) I eventually just let him play in the rain. I cringed every time he jumped into a puddle thinking how many toxins and germs he was probably coming in contact with. But I did it! If I had a therapist he would be so proud! :)

This kid cracks me up! As we were walking out the door he found his pool hat, put it on his head and wore it the entire time we were outside. It was so unlike him I couldn't stop laughing.