Worry Less, Live More

Worry Less, Live More

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Raylynn @ 5 months

This little ball of adorableness is finally rolling over! She loves to be sitting up so she can see everything that's going on and she loves being with people. If we leave her alone in the room she yells at us until we come back and get her. She is still so easy going and such a cuddler which pretty much adds up to her being the BEST baby ever! We love our happy little girl. 

My Three Little Bears

I have known "Uncle" Norm for a looong time. He started working with my dad when I was very young and has remind a friend of our family through all these years. Every time I have a baby he brings them a stuffed bear. And when I say "bear" I MEAN life size! ;) With each child the bear has gotten bigger. The bear that Raylynn has is actually Collin's but the minute Collin saw Raylynn's bear he decided an upgrade was in order. They love these bears and sleep with them in their beds EVERY night. Thank you for spoiling my children Norm and for helping me gain muscle mass as I lug these things all over the house :)

Raylynn @ 4 Months

I love this little girl.