Worry Less, Live More

Worry Less, Live More

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Raylynn @ Two Months

This girl just keeps getting cuter and cuter. 

My favorite thing about this month???

Adorable baby smiles and giggles! She LOVES to have her cheeks attacked with kisses and I have no problem whatsoever attacking those cheeks.

She weighed 11 pounds and was 24 inches long at her two month check up! She gained 5 pounds and 3 inches in just a month! 

St. Augustine 2015

We took a Family vacation!!!
We went to St. Augustine for a few days and had a blast!

We visited Castillo De San Marcos which is a fort that's over 333 years old!

We even got to witness the firing of a cannon. They said this was just a little cannon that the troops could easily maneuver on the ground, but that it could still shoot a ball up to a mile away!  

 I think the highlight of the trip for the boys was getting to visit Fort Menendez which was set up as a miniature village/fort.

 I locked them up the first chance I got. ;)

 I think the boys decided that jail life isn't for them.
 Nor are the stocks. Tate's picture kills me every time I see it :)

 Digging for fossils 

They ground corn to make cornmeal...
 Learned how to defend the fort...

And even made candles.

We then ventured into the Indian village where we learned new games...
And Collin was made chief! 
(Check out that chiefly face)
 Tate decided he just wanted to be an Indian Warrior. I think the alligator bones scared him a bit ;) 

Our last stop was the ship!

 Tate got to hoist the anchor and Collin rang the bell to signal land!

 The boys got to earn gold coins throughout the fort as they did certain chores. Those coins could then be traded for goods at the store.

They both decided to trade for a "nothing but sugar" crystal sucker.

Collin also turned 5 on our trip!
Now that he's five he thinks he can do everything. He's constantly saying things like, "now that I'm five I can run faster" or " I can get that by myself now because I'm five." 
We also stopped in to see our friends, the Lee's, who live just outside of Jacksonville.
They cooked us a yummy dinner and let the kids swim in their pool which they really enjoyed.
 We had the BEST time and enjoyed being together as a family and seeing so many new things. The boys were super excited to be staying in a hotel too. 
Let's do this again soon!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Our Little Guppy

 No, we didn't get another fish, but we sure did CREATE a fish by putting Collin into swim classes. No more wings for this boy!
Collin begs to go to the pool every day now and it's almost impossible to get him out of the pool and come home. For a little boy who HATED putting his face under the water, he's come a looooong way. I am one happy and proud mama :) 

Miss Tori was his instructor which we thought was pretty cool since he has an aunt Tori. She was GREAT! We loved her!