Worry Less, Live More

Worry Less, Live More

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Boss Turns 3!

 Happy 3rd Birthday Collin!
 As soon as Collin went to sleep we blew up balloons and threw them in his room so he would have a surprise when he woke up on his birthday.
 He was definitely surprised and excited! And then like the mean parents we are, we attacked him with silly string. 
The excitement then turned to fear :)
 Collin went on and on about how he wanted a train cake for his birthday. He was so excited for it. He even picked out the train that he wanted. So we had to improvise a bit on how to put it on the cake. Thanks Grandma Boyd! Check out last years cake that grandma did here
Tate made sure to give Collin lots of birthday love :)

 The boy is seriously spoiled!

 I know I always make fun of how bossy and crazy Collin is, but he really is a great kid! He is so loving to his brother and constantly has us laughing because he is such a goof ball. He is eager to please and finds joy in simple things. I love how he is so outgoing and confident. He is very independent, but also wants to be good so he is usually easy to teach. When there is something he really doesn't want to do though, he puts up a good fight :) There is no way our family would be as fun and exciting without Collin. We love him very, very much!

This picture melts my heart.
 I love how they are all holding onto each other as they sleep. :)

The REAL Resons the Two's are called Terrible

Well, it happened!
Our little dictator turned 3 this week! 

So the tantrums and meltdowns all end and it's smooth sailing from here right?
"No", you say?
What's that? We are now entering the troublesome three's and heading straight for the fearsome fours?
Did we sign up for this? 
I remember people telling me about how awful the terrible two's are, but they were talking about their children! My children would be miniature "me's" so of course they'd be perfect :)

Well, therein lies the problem. Collin IS a miniature me as far as personality goes so really I have no one to blame but myself.
However, now that I have survived the "terrible two's" myself I find that even though the tantrums and complete meltdowns were downright frightening at times, those weren't the things that kept me up at night worrying.

Here is my list of why the two's are really called Terrible...

Mommy is shortened to just mom. Overnight! There is no warning, there is no, "can I call you mom?" They just wake up one morning and decide "today's the day I'm gonna break mom's heart and show her I'm not her little baby anymore :( 

 There is NO such thing as a "family secret" anymore!
Two year old's have no filter.  Whatever enters their brain, comes out their mouth. (whether you're prepared for it or not.) There is no secret or conversation that is safe anymore. Even when you think they aren't listening...they are. They've perfected the look of innocence and mastered the skill of aloofness. But really, they are honed in on every single word just waiting for the opportune moment to spill the beans to all your friends.
 The person who's only lived on this earth for two short years and can barely use a fork knows best!
 Seriously, I thought this didn't start until 12 or 13!
I'm so glad we have Collin around to tell us what to do and when we're wrong. How on earth did we ever survive all those years without him? :)
 They grow several inches taller.
And with those inches comes the beginning of their fierce independence. And this is the scariest one. This is when you start learning when to step in and protect, and when to just sit back and watch. It's the hardest thing to watch your child make a bad decision when you know what the consequence will be. Sometimes they have to learn the hard way and you have to DO the hard thing and not intervene. I expect this part of parenting will only get harder as my children grow older and the consequences become more severe. 

And that's why the two's are really called Terrible. Because your babies are no longer babies. They are now miniature adults with budding personalities and minds of their own. 

But it is also a year of terrible fun as you get to see the world all over again through your child's eyes.
It's a year full of terrible laughs that will cause pains in your sides and your face to hurt from laughing so hard. Two year olds are THAT funny!
And it's a year full of terrible heart-warming moments as you see your child learn so many new things. 

The two's really are terrible. TERRIBLY AWESOME!!!

 We're ready for you "Troublesome Three's!"

Orlando Science Center

 Our Friends, the Lees, introduced us to the Orlando Science Center. Collin loved it soooo much that we stayed there for over 5 hours! Wow!
 I think we visited the Clifford exhibit 4 times!

 Collin also gravitated towards the giant derby track.

 Collin and his friend Ryan on the earthquake simulator.

 He wanted to sit on this snake so bad! Blah!
 The water area was also a big favorite.

 We had so much fun that we brought daddy the next week and ended up getting a yearly family pass for Collin's early birthday present!

Tate's First Beach Trip

 Tate had his first beach trip and loved it!
 I remember Collin HATING the beach when he was Tate's age.. He cried the entire time we were there and wouldn't put one toe in the sand. He's the complete opposite now, thank goodness :) 
I love this calm and easy going little boy :)