Worry Less, Live More

Worry Less, Live More

Monday, August 11, 2014

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The 4th

 Happy 4th of July!!
We partied hard this year! We spent the morning at the Orlando Science Center and ran in to Curious George while we were there!

 They had special 4th of July activities for all the kids. Collin and Tate both got balloon animals. Collin decided to name his snake, Boo-a-la-cia. No idea where he gets these names from.

 We had fun showing my dad and Logan the new exhibit where you can test different strengths.
 And I learned that if I'm ever dangling from something, I only have a little over a minute for someone to save me before I plummet to my death :)

We decided to park in Disney Employee parking to see Disney Fireworks this year. We LOVED the Winter Garden fireworks last year, but it was soooo crowded and took a while to get back home. This was a nice change.

 Logan and I decided to end the night by playing with glow sticks and sparklers. Iron Man style ;)
I love living in this country and feel so blessed to have my little family and extended family so close.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Another Teenager in the House!

 My little brother Logan turned 13!!!! I begged and begged and he finally relented and let me do a quick photo shoot. It's not every day you become a teenager after all. I had to document it!

The boys LOVE their uncle Logan and he's really good with them. We're sad they moved away, but are so thankful we get to see them so often :)